Saturday, October 31, 2009

Do you guys have hair surround anus?

I have hair at that area. Is it normal. I am 19 male.
Yes and it should not be there and it's a pain in the butt, literlly. I tried shaving it and it's really hard to do so I just leave it alone plus it's not fast growing as my other pubic hair. It's perfectly normal for both girls and guys to have hair in their "butt-crack" 鈥?the area around the anus and between the cheeks of the buttocks. In fact, most people have hair in this area. When girls go through puberty pubic hair grows around their genitals 鈥?over the pubic bone and around the vulva and anus. I would only care about the pubic hair in front b/c that is what the ladies see and not the back.
Yep, totally normal and completely lame... shave it or nair, but be careful with either. Good luck!
YEP, some guys have it. Don't worry. Very normal fur men.
yep,its normal to have it there,your back,your penis,and your balls too.even your chest.all kinds of that good stuff.
Newsflash, it's normal for everyone when they get older. The only difference is most women will do something about it like get waxed.

The older you get, the more hair you have in places you don't want. Some people more so than others, which is probably genetics, but it is absolutely normal. Some people it starts a little younger than others, it's up to your body, but totally normal.

On the other hand, if you recently started taking some kind of medication around that same time and you think they might be related, ask your doctor. Medications can do all kinds of whacked out things to your hormones and body chemistry. Medications affect everyone a little differently, because everyone's body chemistry is a little different and changes on a regular basis too. SO if you're taking something that may be the cause of extra unwanted hair growth, talk to your doctor about it. He may know of an alternate medication that you can try.
normal! do you have excess hair in nostrils? now that could be embarrassing!
hey i asked this q twice yesterday and no one answered my 1st one but ya i have it to but i shave evry other day just do that b/c if u nair or nads wax it ull hurt alot ive tried
If it bothers you shave it. Porn stars do it all the time
yes, unless you shave it off.
Normal. But I just figured out what the hair is for. Normally, I'm not into shaving body hair...I think it's a disturbingly gay feminizing trend that younger people seem to have. Like, oh, I must get rid of any sign that I'm a man. It's odd.

Having said that, recently I, and I have no idea why I did this, shaved my backside hair. Noticed no difference except one disturbing thing. You may think this is funny but completely true. When you pass gas, if you don't have hiar, it alway is noisey like air letting out of a balloon really know the sound. I think the hair lets the gas escape more easily.

Sorry, don't mean to gross anyone out but truely you can't silently squeeze one out without the hair.

Never doing that again.
Yes it is normal.I have there.

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  1. hey it is extra in me and I thing I am changing into a bisexual personality because all the time I think about it from two months.
    let's see now what happens when today I know the truth.


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