Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does a penis with a restored foreskin produce smegma?

Smegma is one of the downsides of having a foreskin, and I was wondering if restored foreskins have the same burden.
only if you have any sebaceous glands left if you don't you will not have smegma.the sebaceous glands are on your inner foreskin and it all depends on how much of that is left.but washing once a day will take care of it.and smegma holds pheromones which attract partners.women that are uncircumcised also get smegma under the clitoral hood or foreskin or prepuce it is the same as the male foreskin,prepuce,hood.
All penises (and female genitalia) produce smegma. In a circumcised man, it just gets rubbed off during the day. In an uncircumcised man, it can build up under the foreskin. In a woman, it can build up under the clitoral hood.
i hate that sh*t. i have to spit on my shaft to get it off. im juss too sensitive to touch it and pick all day at it with a something
TLH's answer is right on. Too further prove the point, yes. Speaking from personal experience.

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