Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does "jacking off" too much lower the chances of getting children?

Young one, the seeds of an apple produce the next apple trees. Each tree has hundreds of apples each apple has tens of seeds. So grasshopper each tree has tens of thousands of seeds. An apple eaten by birds, or churned to pie does not lower the number of apple trees. Although each seed is numbered, the number is far greater than the improperly planted seeds.
In a word, no!
no it doesent u just loose more semon but a normal amount will start to come back after less masterbaition
yea it does.
No it doesnt. Men produce sperm until the day they die.
NO! Not at all. It kind of stimulates the sperm cord.
The chances of getting children while jacking off is absolutely zero.
I'm afraid it does if you're doing that rather than having intercourse with a woman. How is a women going to get pregnant if you're constantly playing with your willie and not letting her have a turn?

Also, remember, 50 years ago they said you would go blind if you kept doing that. I thought I was until I got my cataracts out.
NO. Your body will produce it untill you get old and dusty ;O)

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